"Journey of The Heart"

"Come take a 'walk' you will never forget!
No two workshops are ever alike."
Dr. Virginia LoneSky, Facilitator-Builder

Have you heard about Labyrinths? Do you want to build one? Are you wondering what they are? What they do? Why they are so popular? Well here's your chance to walk one, and find out for yourself what they are all about.

Whether you are experienced or this is your first time. There is something for everyone in these workshops because no two workshops are ever the same.

You can sponsor a workshop or presentation by contacting, Peaceful Endeavours Labyrinth Experience - and bring a labyrinth to your door.

She will create a safe atmosphere with no requirements. You will be encouraged to just enjoy yourself, have fun, and move at your own pace.



* Come Learn about the various styles of labyrinths, their histories.

* How they use mathematics, science and sacred geometry to create energy.

* Come learn how you can use them for your health, to relieve stress, increase intuition, enhance problem solving, awaken and empower yourself!

* Come Learn How to use a Finger Labyrinth.

* How a Labyrinth is different from a Maze.

* Why you can never get lost in a Labyrinth.

* How your left/right brain is stimulated.

* Come Learn ways to create your own sacred space -

* Come Learn How to Use A Labyrinth To Ask Questions -
Get Your Own Answers

* Come Learn How to Make One.



Educational - How To Build - How To Use - Group Experience
Educational - Using A Labyrinth For Ceremony
Educational - Hands On Presentation for Children
Educational - Community Get Together - Expanding Friendships
Organizational Fund Raiser
Family Celebrations - Birthdays - Anniversaries -
Engagements - Marriages
Coming of Age Ceremonies
Private Organizational Group Walk
Private Family Walk


Creating Ceremony - Healing The Land & The People Of That Land
Creating Ceremony - Past and Present Forgiveness and Rebirth
Creating Ceremony - Healing Self From Past Trauma
Creating Ceremony - Celebrating Blessings & Abundance
Creating Ceremony - Initiation
Various - You can design your special interest into a presentation


MEXICO - Virginia was sponsored by La Casa del Astrologo, SC of Mexico City, Mexico and took the Labyrinth Experience to the Hacienda De San Francisco Cuadra near Taxco, a mountainous city outside of Mexico City, Mexico where she gave a workshop using an outdoor Labyrinth built by Drunvalo Melchizedek and the ©Grail Goddess Labyrinth (See picture at top of page).

COSTA RICA - After the workshop in Mexico, Virginia was sponsored by the Iriria Center near San Pedro, and met with the three current Labyrinth owners. Combining group ceremony with group intention she organized four workshops. One was given on this outdoor labyrinth at the Center which the owner, Jan Hurwitch, has laid out with volcanic rock and has a beautiful ancient fossil center stone surrounded by water, and the other days, we used the indoor ©Grail Goddess Labyrinth.

CANADA - Peaceful Endeavours has given workshops in Fergus, Guelph, Niagara On The Lake, Niagara Falls, Toronto and Welland, Ontario. Caraquet, New Brunswick, hosted by the Wellness Center there run by Rose Marie Chamberland, Anne Godin, and as a side note, visited Nelson, B.C. and walked a labyrinth in the middle of a downtown street!

MEXICO - Another group, just outside of Juarez, Hosted by Sonia, came together to create ceremonies on the labyrinth, calling in the ancestors and doing journey work and meditations. Forming community to walk the labyrinth to connect into their cultural beliefs. Everyone had profound visions and combined Shamanism with the Goddess work.

SCOTLAND - In the Sacred Highlands, North of Edinburgh in the valley of Aberfeldy, we met and created a safe place to heal, communicate with the land and ourselves. We also visited some sacred circles, and climbed up a mountain to do another "circle" ceremony. Hosts Barry & Theresa Dunford do a wonderful job of raising consciousness. See their website in the "LINKS" section.


We will bring our Workshop to your home, office, store, business, school, place of worship, institution or cultural organization to educate and offer insight on how to use a labyrinth for fun, team building, improvement of mental and physical health, or for personal growth and development.

All you need is an indoor space that is approximately 12 ft x 15ft (366.0 cm x 457.2 cm) to accommodate the portable labyrinth, and we will do the rest. The workshop is divided into two parts. Educational and experiential. Includes hands on experience with finger labyrinths, and culminates in the participants taking their own personal walk on a labyrinth. It can be held in the morning, afternoon or evening any day of the week.

We will also help you design a distribution flyer or provide you with our template.


Your Facilitator, Dr. Virginia LoneSky, has been working with communities since 1988, and has been a speaker at the Annual Labyrinth Society Conference. She travels extensively and has presented this information in three languages in North America and Europe.

She is one of the North American, Central Regional Representatives of the International Labyrinth Society, and works with communities all over the world to educate people about the practical, scientific, and metaphysical aspects of labyrinths.

If requested, she will also incorporate her Shamanic training, extensive insight and experience, to guide all who attend into opening up the Labyrinth as an experiential delight, that can be felt on multiple levels. The group dynamics always creates an unique and unforgettable experience for each person.


With each Workshop you get your choice of style…


Dream Designer: Dr. Virginia LoneSky
Artist: Kristy Dedrick
Graphic Layout: Steven Dedrick
Style: Expanded Personal Portable - Living Artwork
Labyrinth Size: 12ft x 12ft
Overall Canvas: 12ft x 15ft
Requires 12ft x 15ft or (366.0 cm x 457.2 cm) Indoor Space
Used for Individual and Group Walks

DESCRIPTION: Design was the dream of Dr. Virginia LoneSky who brought this dream to Kristy & Steven to put it onto canvas. It has painted pathways and symbols containing representations of the Goddess, Holy Grail, Life Force, DNA strands, the Sun and the Moon, Constellation Virgo & Stars, The Keys of Wisdom, Yin/Yang and Expanding Heart with Flowering Lotus.

Inspired to incorporate a bridge between where we have been, and where we are going in 21st Century Labyrinth work. Reviving living ceremonies.


Dream Designer: Robert Ferré
Artist: Kristy Dedrick - Layout Assisted by Judy Hopen
Style: Adaptation of Chartres Cathedral
Labyrinth Size: 12 ft x 12 ft
Color: Dark Purple - Actual One Owned by Peaceful Endeavours
Requires 12ft x 12ft or (366.0 cm x 366.0 cm) Indoor Space
Used for Individual and Group Walks

DESCRIPTION: Originated also in a dream by Robert Ferré. Created in his St. Louis, Missouri studio, he calls this the "Heart of Chartres" because the pattern consists of the five, inner, left-side paths of the Chartres pattern, which are then mirrored on the right side. He has stylized the petals and outer half circles. Even then, the proportions are similar to the large Chartres as in each quadrant of the original pattern there are seven turns and an average of 28 lunations (7 x 4 = 28). In the Personal Labyrinth, each quadrant has three turns and 12 lunations (3 x 4 = 12).

Contact Dr. Virginia LoneSky at Peaceful Endeavours E mail to discuss a date and time for your workshop!!….We look forward to coming to your community soon.