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Your journey has lead you here to the Peaceful Endeavours Labyrinth site. This site is dedicated to sharing the vision of its Founder and experienced Labyrinth Facilitator, to share information, services and products that will enlighten, entertain, and educate visitors, from around the world, who are becoming aware of Labyrinths, and curious about their uses.

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What Is A Labyrinth And Why Are They So Popular?

There are many ideas about what a Labyrinth is, or what it does. Since the original symbols are thought to be over 3,500 years old, and there is no written information handed down on them, we can only rely on personal investigation and experience. I like to think of the Labyrinth as a non-denominational, inspirational tool, which requires very little instruction beyond your willingness to explore it!

It's perfect for children and adults alike. They are great tools to be shared with our families. I guarantee that after your first walk, or use of a Finger Labyrinth, you will find your own personal meaning of what it is and what it does.

It's based in as much Science, Mathematics and Geometry, as it is in spirituality and metaphysics. Within our lifetime we have more research and applications pointing it towards a tool for communication with our inner and our outer worlds.

A place where we scientifically stimulate the left/right hemispheres of our brain to activate "something". It is interesting that, in general, no matter the background, nationality, religious affiliation, or lack thereof, whether man, woman, boy or girl, the reactions when put into words are always very similar. So there is no doubt in my mind that his symbol must have endured the centuries because it really is working with humanity to help them during times of challenges and changes.

Some users say they experience calm and inner peace. While others may find a place of what I call 'no thing'. A place of refuge. To give the over worked, weary mind, a chance to recoup and refresh. To go forward towards a new day, or new goals, or to heal.

We know, from present day research, that people walk the Labyrinth to find strength before surgery, and to reduce anxiety. Walk it after surgery to aid in recovery. I've had clients use a Finger Labyrinth to find personal comfort during Chemo Therapy.

I've used it in my workshops and presentations with adults and watched it facilitate transformational inner personal awakenings and realizations after just minutes of tracing the pattern. So it is a great tool to incorporate into many traditional medical or psychological therapy regimes.

Educational facilities have incorporated them on their campuses. I've given presentations in schools where learning challenged children have grasped its' energy. With other children in school settings to help calm and balance their energy long enough to prevent confrontation, and help them focus on their lessons. Today, at a time when outdoor play time and recess is being eliminated, children still have great need to move their energy.

Here we are forcing them to sit in chairs all day. Children are just children and have a need for physical activity to grow. Otherwise, they are going to "act it out" in the classroom. A Labyrinth is a great way to have them let go of that energy safely, and that would beneifit everyone. It's also great for teachers to walk as well to get rid of their excess stress.

That's why they are also a natural addition to any business or office environment. Small Finger Labyrinths printed on cloth or etched on vinyl can be kept at your desk or workstation. You can gaze at them often. Trace them while you are talking on the phone, or use when you take a break. Some people have pictures of Labyrinths hanging on their walls.

Even just hanging the symbol on the wall is said to bring calm to environments and people. Research does credit it as having a similar effect like Feng Shui to redirect Chi or Yin/Yang energy.

I can't define it, and I don't try to explain it. I can just share some of my personal experiences from everyday life.

A Labyrinth, as you can sense by now, has endless possibillites and I'm sure you will think of a few more after you try one as well.

I encourage you to visit the French Site, which has English translations, and many beautiful pictures and information about the Labyrinths in the Cathedrals of France.

The Spanish Site does not have English translation, but contains the same information as in this site. i.e. basic labyrinth information, pictures and drawings. They are both located on the Left Margin and entered by finding the "Heart". It was designed after my visits to Mexico, Costa Rica and South America as a way to give this information to those who do not read English.

This site, and all the information in it, falls under the laws of copyright. If you copy the information, you must not change it in any way, and you are required to give Virginia LoneSky, and Peaceful Endeavours credit if reproduced and/or presented in audio or written form.

We hope you stay a while and move through the site, at your own pace, using the selections in the left margin, or click on the LINKS in the paragraphs.

Whether you came here to learn more about the Chartres Cathedral 11 path, the Classical/Cretan 7 path labyrinths, or the various other styles of earthworks, personal, or portable labyrinths. Have an interest in walking the labyrinth indoors or outdoors. With your feet or with your *fingers. You can be sure of one thing. Each experience will be totally unique. Labyrinth Information

This wonderful ancient symbol is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It has found its' way into places of worship, universities, hospitals, schools, public spaces, backyards, board rooms, and now Into your life!

The Labyrinth seems to draw spiritual, metaphysical, scientific interest and speculation, but you may be attracted to it simply because you like the way it looks, and that's wonderful!

You will often read and hear the term "Labyrinth Walk". This can pertain to walking a full size labyrinth with your feet, or tracing a smaller pattern with your fingers.

We have developed a personal size Finger Labyrinth cloth, and packaged it as an educational informational kit. It's put together from Virginia's experience and touches on a wide variety of topics.

Enough to get you started, and point you down the path to your next experience. "Practically everything you wanted to know about a Labyrinth in a box!"

Great for beginners, or for the experienced. To use themselves or give as gifts to their friends and relatives who keep asking them, "What is the Labyrinth all about?".

Our Labyrinth Products Store contains pictures and information on the Kits, the Double Labyrinth style, books, Labyrinth Information Charts, and many more interesting items. Great for both novice and experienced Labyrinth enthusiast!.

Because Peaceful Endeavours is a charitable organization, your purchases are tax deductible donations, and support the full time work of the Founder, and help her to offer scholarships for the "Elders", and a traditional give-away of "community service" promoting healthy alternatives with empowered labyrinth activities.

Workshops - Services And Sacred Site Tours

At regular intervals, we will post where Peaceful Endeavours is holding workshops, with Monthly listings in the "EVENTS" page. Come often to see were other special events are being held involving Labyrinths. We encourage you to also visit the Events Page for the latest dates and descriptions of our upcoming Sacred Tours.

In addition to our planned tours, if you are interested in taking yourself, or your group, on a speciality Tour of your design, we would be happy to give you a quote.

We will organize trips, quests, and visits to Sacred Sites as community interest is shown.

If your group would like to visit, Paris and The Chartres Cathedral, The South of France Magdalene Tour, Scotland Templar Sites; or visit places mentioned in "The DeVinci Code", contact us at Peaceful Endeavours Sacred Site Tours to design a trip that fits your schedule. Minimum group requirement - six people.

Peaceful Endeavours also offers customized Workshops and Presentations, and will travel to your location, anywhere in the world, bringing our ©Grail Goddess or the ©Heart of Chartres personal portable labyrinths. "Have Labyrinths Will Travel".

We can also work on-site with your outdoor or indoor portable labyrinth.

If you are interested in using Peaceful Endeavours Consulting Services to plan the building of a new Labyrinth, or if you already have an existing Labyrinth, and are now ready to consider offering public Labyrinth Walks, you can find more information about both in the Facilitator TrainingLink.

If you are here just to have fun we have something in here for you as well in our Pictures and Stories Link where we share many interesting stories from people around the world who have shared their unique labyrinths with us, or where we have built or presented our workshops. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Members of the International Labyrinth Society can submit pictures to this site by sending Peaceful Endeavours an e-mail

COME PLAY in our special Children's Link. Where children, and adults awakening the 'child within' can find out how labyrinths are made, and some of the ways in which labyrinths can be incorporated into school and family activities to increase inter-personal communication, reduce stress, behavior problems, learning anxiety, etc. Peaceful Endeavours specializes in presentations for children. This Link carries pictures of children using labyrinths from previous visits and travels around the world, bringing the Labyrinth into the lives of children and adults from all cultures.

CHILDREN AROUND THE CORNER - AROUND THE WORLD - I have worked in culturally and educationally challenged environments teaching single and double-labyrinth exercises to help children touch their creative sides. Instruct teachers/parents on how to access a child's imagination, in addition to advocating the placement of walkable labyrinths on playgrounds for free-time play by students, teachers and visitors. I have also established an on-line Teacher Mentoring Program to aid parochial and public school teachers in all countries on how to intergrate Labyrinths into their schools. Currently mentoring teachers in the U.S.A., Mexico and Hong Kong.

In 2008 I have agreed to be part of the SlowGrowUSA tm Inter-City Garden Projects in MI, and will assist in laying out the garden paths and Labyrinth in Sacred Geometry. For more information, contact Virginia LoneSky, ThD at labyrinthexperience@netzero.com

In gratitude, I thank you for your interest and support of my vision to bring harmony into the world though the building and use of labyrinths. I am also grateful for my family and international network of friends who will help me get Links written in Spanish and French!

This is a dream come true. To be able to do the work you love, and to share it with others. Thank you for sharing in my dreams and visions, to keep the paths open for greater understanding between cultures. I hope you return again often to our site. It will be updated monthly with new information and pictures.

Come watch us grow peaceful endeavours!

Blessings on your path!

Sincerely, Dr. Virginia LoneSky
Founder, Peaceful Endeavours Labyrinth Experience

** Enjoy Your Time Here, And We Hope You Return Again,Soon! **