Facilitator Training

Inevitably after you have created an outdoor Labyrinth, or have purchased or made a portable Labyrinth, you will want to share it with others.

Peaceful Endeavours Founder, Dr. Virginia LoneSky has designed two types of Facilitator Training. One for individuals to be given via e-mail, phone and written communication, and another for individuals, churches, schools, and professional organizations, which can be given on-site, at their locations.
(Details listed below).

On-Line Individual Facilitator Training Series

By popular request, beginning in 2005, I will offer custom designed training modules for Individuals to learn via e-mails, phone, and easy exercises.

I have developed a one on one training program for people, like you, who are drawn to building a labyrinth on their property, or have purchased a portable labyrinth, and now would like to learn more on how to share their love of this tool with others in their families, friendships, and communities. (Tuition scale).

For Individuals, I will offer classes via the "On Line" Workshop. Which will be a series of phone interviews, instructions, and distributed materials. This service will be custom designed to the individual's requirements, and will include instruction, exercises and labyrinth materials to mentor your education and empowerment.

The "On Line Workshop" for individuals, would receive condensed, yet complete, personal one on one instruction sessions. Designed specifically to your vision. and conducted on the weekends! You will not have to leave your home or office!

Both On-Line Individual and On-Site Organizational participants would be eligible for Labyrinth Product discounts, and Free Listings of their events in my "EVENTS" page of this website.

All particiants receive a "Certificate of Completion".

For More Information On On-Line Individual Facilitator Training Contact: Virginia LoneSky labyrinthexperience@netzero.com

For On-Site Training For Organizations:

You will learn the elements for building a successful Labyrinth walk. Learn how to create community events for fund raising, community awareness, focused intent, or weddings, rites of passage, and seasonal ceremonies. Arrangements can be made to bring me to your location for a set fee and expenses.

It is especially important for organizations to recognize their professional responsibility. It is important that they insure that their events are conducted with positive focused intent, that leaves the participant in a stable condition when they finish their walk.

I will provide a one or two day experiencial workshop at your location, taking into account your vision and your goals. We will conduct a "walk", and I will mentor awareness, confidence and skills to conduct public and private group walks for your organization to build community and meet your organizational goals.

Some of the points to be covered will be:

* Facilitators have an obligation to guide the people into the walk, and to be mindful not to force their beliefs onto others, or tell people how to walk i.e. insist they " must do it this way". Shepherd and guide the people.

*Facilitators have an obligation to be mindful of the mental and physical health of the people during the walk.

*In grief and healing situations, find the balance between what you can do as a Facilitator, and what can be provided by other local professionals and practitioners.

*A facilitator should never allow anyone to leave a walk upset, unbalanced, distraught, or otherwise in duress.

*Facilitators are reminded, above all else - you are a human being. You have days that are better than others, like anyone else, be mindful to not let your issues surface or be placed onto others.

*When you operate from you heart and not your head, there is less suffering for all - remember to be humble.

*Facilitating involves experience and education - Expand Your Education.

*Ceremony comes in many forms and in many different cultures.

*Honor your participants - pay attention, listen, observe, practice humility, be respectful of difference, then get out of the way, and allow spirit to guide.

On-site Facilitator Training will include the participants creating a group walk together. Certificate of Completion awarded at the end of the course.

For More Information On Organization Training Contact: Dr. Virginia LoneSky at labyrinthexperience@netzero.com to discuss creating a one or two day workshop, at your location, to enlighten yourself, your volunteers or your staff.