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Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have published a few pictures of the World of the Labyrinth Enthusiast…there's a million stories out there! Enjoy the site. Blessings, Dr. Virginia LoneSky


Created 3 path labyrinth on the beach.


Labyrinth enthusiasts, Jim Honey and Sharon McClean - placed a Classic 7 Path Style in the Parking Lot of a local Convention Arena. Using only a diagram and a bag of lime, gloves and paper cups, they traced a temporary full size Labyrinth on the ground. Gives a new meaning to "paved Paradise and put up a parking lot" ….with Labyrinth! Jim is part of a family owned winery in St. Catherines, and operates a "Castle" bookstore and much more in the quaint town of Elora, near Fergus, Ontario. His website is Sangrael. Sharon is active in the community to promote Labyrinths, and is also an accomplished vocal artist and musician who plans on composing music to walk the Labyrinth by.


What is it about Canada that people just want to put Labyrinths in streets and parking lots? Yes, this labyrinth is painted in the middle of the side road, off the main street, in downtown Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. I found out that it was painted to raise awareness and funds to build another one in a park near the water. Which I can report has now been completed!

Please visit The Nelson Community Labyrinth Project on their website for more information.:


Here they are, the three owners of the only Labyrinths in Costa Rica! All pictured together at the Labyrinth of Dr. Steven Kogel. Interesting fact: They were all born in the U.S.A., and migrated to beautiful Costa Rica.

Left - Pamela Carpenter - Her Labyrinth is located in her botanical gardens in an open-air setting. She runs a Bed & Breakfast on the East Coast called Miraflores Lodge She had someone put a Labyrinth in her garden, but didn't have very much information on what they were about. When she saw the advertisement for the Peaceful Endeavours Workshop, she decided to come across the country to attend. When her car broke down, she got on four buses to get to the hilltop location! That's determination, and love of the Labyrinth!

Center - Dr. Steven Kogel - who is the Director of the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA), notes that the Labyrinth is being used more and more frequently in hospitals for healing from physical illness. He offers a series of dialogues, each Friday morning on his property, which hosts this Labyrinth.

He opened up his Labyrinth to Peaceful Endeavours and guests to do a ceremony with him, and we had a very spiritual experience at his altar in the center. He had prepared gifts from the Dalai Lama.

His property has an adjacent restaurant, and is located at the bottom side of the mountain which is near a dormant Volcano.

Right - Jan Hurwitch - Director of the Iriria Centre in Birri, Costa Rica, which offers several specialty workshops and presentations. She has a beautiful Labyrinth on her property (see the Labyrinth Workshop Link for pictures) which was just dedicated in 2002.

I met Jan in Email when she asked a question on the Labyrinth Society Website, and we just knew that it was our destiny to meet. Sight unseen, she invited me to do a workshop, and I accepted. She sent me pictures and my heart felt the connection. It was based in faith, she invited me to come to Costa Rica and sponsored my visit. It was a pleasure to be in her gracious company.


This beautiful raised mound style Labyrinth is on property owned by Sonia Hodsen. At the first International Labyrinth Society (TLS) Gathering in Colorado in 1999, I met Sonia, and we made an instant friendship. She was concerned that it was important that TLS remember how the sacred circles in North America were tied to traditional ancestors. And how the Labyrinth was a sacred circle that could now be tied into blending the two together. Sonia is a beautiful Elder holding sacred space.


No site could be complete without this breathtaking photo of the inspirational Prairie Labyrinth birthed by Toby Evans. Cut out of her field of prairie grass, it is one of the largest in the world that has a caretaker who organizes events and walks for the public. I also met Toby at the first Labyrinth Society Gathering in 1999, and found an instant "sistar" connection to the traditional roots that had guided my journey of service as well. She is a dedicated woman who has written about her phonenomal spirit guided story in her book, Keeper Of The Circles - Answering the Call to Wholeness ©2001. You can visit www.prairielabyrinth.comfor more information.


One of the first events, of the newly formed Labyrinth Society, was to host Labyrinths for Peace in March of 2000 just around, by coincidence, Spring Equinox. Marty Cain and other volunteers placed several labyrinths on the East Lawn behind the Capital Building in Washington, D.C.

There were even some canvas portable Labyrinths brought in by members (Sue Anne Foster pictured here), from as far away as California! Many members came to give their support. Spearheaded by Sandra Wasko-Flood it was a huge success, and called attention to the Labyrinth as a growing positive influence in our culture.

I volunteered to answer questions from the public. On March 21st, when the day was over I asked permission if I could do a private pipe ceremony to Mother Earth and honor the Spring Equinox. My host, Jane Buckman took this picture not knowing that I normally ask that pictures of ceremony not be taken. When she sent me the copy I was surprised, and looked closer.

I could see that there was a red line from my forehead to the Earth! I wasn't wearing anything red. I sensed in awe, that it was Creator showing me how Earth Mother was connecting to my prayers. I am always humbled by the power of nature and our cosmic connections, and the magnification of energy in the center of a Labyrinth.

After the Conference, the U.S. Parks service asked that all the 'flags' be removed. I called Jane and Bob Buckman and asked them if they had taken any pictures AFTER the event because I knew that all the walkers would have left their "mark". Sure enough, they went back and these are the pictures showing, again, how we leave our footprints on Mother Earth.


In a recent trip to the Yucatan, our Host Hunbatz Men took our group to a set of caverns, "Lol-Tun". At the end of one of the caves there was a huge open area with a high hill. Walking to the top of the hill, giving offerings, the cave revealed this etched picture of a Labyrinth on a subterranean hill carved in stone.

He also reveals that there existed Mayan temples, places of initiation, where subterranean pathways were cut out of interior temples that required the initiate to walk in darkness and complete a course, which may have included scorpions, poisonous snakes, and if they returned out after the ordeal, they became enlightened Shaman. This seems reminiscent of another story, sans Heroine, from Greek Mythology, about the Minotaur.


No site would be complete without the reference to the Labyrinth pattern often woven into baskets by early tribal people from the Anasazi, Hohokam and Mogollon cultures, and still used today by the Tohono O'odham and Pima tribes. Here is a rendering of that design that always shows a "man" and the Labyrinth.


In the indigenous teachings you are always made aware that as you journey through life, you can see how nature repeats itself in our lives, and often the path comes back full circle. It is the nature of the Sacred Hoop, Sacred Circles that they will always return you back to where you began.

Here is a nice closing pictorial….a picture taken in Washington D.C. on the East Lawn of the Capital after the Labyrinth walks in 2000….

And a picture from Chaco Canyon - from over 2,000 years ago. I thought this was a vivid example of the connection between circles and architecture.

Mother Nature always remembers… may you walk softly on this Good Earth…see you on the path!

Thank you for visiting this site, we hope you come back often as we will be updating this with new pictures and stories in the future.