"Have Labyrinth Will Travel"

Peaceful Endeavours Labyrinth Ministry is a living, giving, way of life. Similar in it's purpose as the works of the Good Samaritans.

Medicine Woman and Ordained Minister with Doctorate in Theology, Dr.Virginia LoneSky travels around the world, sharing her extensive knowledge about indigenous cultures, ceremonies, and their ancient ways, to build community through the model of the Toltec study groups known as Kalpulli's, and is the founder of the Kalpulli of the New Sun.

These study groups kept the community informed, inner-connected, healthy, and strong, and taught that we need not be alone. That there is a greater concept of 'family' beyond our blood relatives. That we are "all related" as the Lakota teach us. This concept works to dispel the cultural myths about religious differences, and to build a bridge to greater compassion and understanding about how we are more 'alike' than 'different'.

This way of life requires the servant to travel where community calls, and offer what is asked of her by the people she reaches. Sharing the good word step by step, she is invited into communities around the world.

Peaceful Endeavours Ministry offers unique wedding ceremonies. Her work combines many belief systems, but incorporates the values of the couple who have asked her to perform their "marriage". If interested in finding out more about fees and scheduling, contact her at the email listed below. If funded, she will come to the location of your choice.

To continue to provide this work, Peaceful Endeavours has been registered in the State of Michigan, and is an Ecclesiastical Corporation. What can be best described as a non-denominational entity open to all faiths and persuasions. It offers Labyrinth Workshops, Presentations and Products to support it's international work.

It's mission is to provide education and spiritual guidance to communities, as required, through the arrangement of ceremonies or creation of educational workshops and presentations designed to foster tolerance for difference, and cultural awareness by sharing ancient, or newly created ceremonies, and community building inter-cultural events.

All income from workshops, presentations and Labyrinth Products go to the maintenance and support of the organization so that it can continue to travel out into the communities around the world, and do its work of bridging cultures, and creating greater understanding, sometimes one person at a time.

Peaceful Endeavours maintains it's indigenous roots and honors the practice of the give-away to the less fortunate, and has created the practice of offering Scholarships to Elders (65 years of age or older) so that they may attend any program she teaches without cost.

Peaceful Endeavours has volunteered it's expertise to help other non-profit organizations with the formulation of programs designed to inspire self-esteem for children and adults, and will offer counseling or mentoring services on a donation basis.

There is never any charge for Indigenous Ceremonies, but there is the requirement of Ini. The Peruvian principle of receiving in equal measurement to giving, so that each person is honored and feels respected. When you purchase goods and services from Peaceful Endeavours you are giving a donation directly to this work.

Peaceful Endeavours can also accept direct monetary donations by check, money order, or direct deposit. All contributions are tax deductible, and go directly to providing programs, supplies and scholarships to those in need. All donations in this catagory will receive a written form letter thanking the organization or person for their donation, and will meet IRS not-for-profit requirements.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about direct monetary donations, our ministry visiting your community, or if you know of any organizations that may offer Grant funding that may apply to our cultural diversity work.

We appreciate all inquiries, and give a sincere heartfelt
"THANK YOU" for your interest in supporting our work.

"May you walk in balance on this good Earth"

Rev. Dr.Virginia LoneSky