We are building this page, and each week we hope to have more language to express information about how Labyrinths can make your life a peaceful journey.

Cette page est en construction.Chaque semaine nous éspérons ajouter d'autres langues afin d'apporter plus d'informations sur comment les Labyrinthes peuvent faire de votre vie un paisible voyage.

We hope to serve the people around the world who read and speak only French. And those in North America who have the dialect of French/Canadian and French/Creole from Louisiana, U.S.A.

Nous éspérons servir les personnes parlant Français de par le monde. Celles d'Amérique du Nord parlant le dialecte Canadien/Français et Créole/Français de Louisianne,USA.

For now, we have many pictures of Labyrinths that are in Cathedrals in France and some suggestions for you to visit other Websites that are in French.

Pour l'instant, nous disposons de beaucoup de photos de Labyrinthes se trouvant dans des Cathédrales Françaises.

This site will have French/English in some of the descriptions (words), as other non-French speaking people will visit the site to see the pictures.

Ce site aura les descriptifs des photos en Anglais/Français du fait que des personnes ne parlant pas le Français visiterons ce site.

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Cathédrale de Chartres, vue extérieure

Cathédrale de Chartres, vue extérieure de la Rosace

Vue intérieure , de l'entrée vers le fond.Autel de MARIE.

Intérieur Bougies.


This inscription is in the Center of this Labyrinth.
Inscription centrale. Cette incription est au centre de ce Labyrinthe.

Vue extérieure. Observez comment cette Cathédrale a trois passages voutés identiques à ceux de la Cathédrale d'AMIENS.

See the Floor Plan and where the Labyrinth is located inside the Cathedral.

This is what the entire floor looks like inside the Cathedral.

Sol intérieur de la Cathédrale.


Cathedrale D'Reims Exterior View (Front) Observe how the front entrance of this Cathedral has the same three archways as the Cathedrale D'Amiens. See the Floor Plan and where the Labyrinth is located inside the Cathedral. This Cathedral is where the Kings of France were Crowned.

Cathédrale de REIMS.Vue extérieure. Observez comment cette Cathédrale a trois passages voutés identiques à ceux de la Cathédrale d'AMIENS. Voyez le plan du sol et ou le Labyrinthe est situé dans la Cathédrale.

Voici à quoi ressemble tout le sol à l'intérieur de la Cathédrale. C'est en cette Cathédrale que furent couronnés les Rois de France.

This part is not translated as yet:

Reims Cathedral, cathedral of Our Lady in the city of Reims, in the Champagne-Ardennes region of France, and considered one of the finest examples of the High Gothic style of architecture (see Gothic Art and Architecture).

The existing cathedral, which dates from the early 13th century, is the last of a series of churches that have occupied the site. It was the coronation church of 24 kings of France, from Louis VIII in 1223 to Charles X in 1825. Charles VII was crowned there in 1429 in the presence of Joan of Arc. The first church on this site is believed to have been built about the year 300. A new cathedral was built by Bishop Nicasius around 400. It was there that the Frankish king Clovis I was baptized a Christian in 496, an event that initiated the close relationship between the Frankish (and later French) monarchy and papal Rome.

A rebuilding of the cathedral was completed about 862, but that edifice was destroyed in a fire in 1210. The foundation stone of the present building was laid the following year. Construction work extended over 30 years, although the decorations and furnishings were added over the next two centuries. Most of the original fittings were later destroyed by church reformers and by partisans of the French Revolution of 1789-1799. During the Revolution, the cathedral was converted temporarily into a so-called temple of reason. It was severely damaged by German shells during World War I (1914-1918) but was restored and finally reopened in 1937. Both the interior and the exterior of the cathedral are decorated with stone carvings. Three portals, or doorways, on the west front are especially notable for their realistic carved sculpture in the High Gothic style. Above the north entry is a large circular stained-glass window, known as a rose window. Bar tracery, the structural and ornamental stone openwork that frames the stained glass of most High Gothic architecture, was developed at Reims. Although most of the original stained glass in the cathedral has been replaced with clear glass, a few of the windows have been restored. Several others have been redone with modern designs. The windows in the last chapel to the rear of the cathedral, for example, were designed in 1974 by French artist Marc Chagall.


This is a Labyrinth built in 2001 in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada with Rose Marie Chamberland, Anne Godin, Pauline Raby, Virginia LoneSky and members of the community, for healing the land and the people. It was dedicated in a ceremony using the sound of crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, drums, rattles, and our singing voices.

Ceci est un Labyrinthe construit en 2001 à Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada par Rose Marie Chamberland, Anne Godin, Pauline Raby, Virginia LoneSky et des membres de la communauté. Dédié à la guérison de la Terre et des Peuples par une cérémonie utilisant les sons de boules de cristal,de cloches Tibétaines ,de tambours,de hochets et de nos chants.

When we were finished we took a picture, and you can see the RED energy at the entrance of the Labyrinth. This is positive healing energy from the Earth, and a natural energy.

En fin de cérémonie nous avons pris une photo sur laquelle vous pouvez voir l'énérgie ROUGE à l'entrée du Labyrinthe.Ceci est une énégie positive et naturelle de guérison provenant de la Terre.

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